Stories change people, people change the world.

I am a St. Louis-based author, freelance writer, ghostwriter, and story consultant. After earning my bachelors with a double major in English Literature and Education, I began my working life in corporate America by curating historical items and information and turning those into stories for one of the largest privately held businesses in the country. Not long after I tried my hand at blogging I was hired as a full-time writer and producer for a radio conglomerate.

Then it happened…when the economy broke in 2008, I parlayed my experience into a freelance career, creating marketing content and building marketing strategies for small businesses. When the economy began to breathe again in 2013, I refocused on writing and began writing nonfiction books and articles, as well as fiction short stories and books.

For more than a decade I have had to pleasure of working with many different businesses and individuals to tell their personal and professional stories via books, articles, and marketing materials. I also have had the honor of speaking on several panels and presenting lectures on writing, pop-culture, and storytelling techniques.

Whether it is through my work as a pen-for-hire, teaching college writing and literature courses, or by coaching emerging authors as they develop their work, I am proud to have helped so many people share their stories with the world.



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