Should I Use Creative Writing Prompts?

“Nulla dies sine linea” – “No day without a line”

Like running, playing the piano, and practicing spells at Hogwarts, writing is a skill to be mastered. Talent is part of the equation, but even Harry Potter, born into greatness, had to be whisked away to train as a wizard.

Speaking of Potter, J.K. Rowling just released a book about failure and the bounty it provides. Worth a read for anyone struggling to find a way to get their world of magic in writing.

I am not one for daily writing prompts. I found myself tiring the muse before I’ve had a chance to work on my writing or ghostwriting projects for clients. However, when the words aren’t coming, a good prompt can mean the difference between a day without a line and a day with several.

I am actively curating a Pinterest board with writing prompts that spark my imagination, and continue to add to it on a regular basis. Here’s a link to get the your pencil scratching:

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